Braid has solutions for your organization's needs

Whether you’re a consulting firm, an ad agency, or even a freelancer, Braid helps you manage your projects and keep all of your team members, executive sponsors, and client contacts up to date with the very latest.
Handle projects and workstreams with ease

Consulting firm

No new boxes to check

You and your team have been there a hundred times before. You don’t need a project management tool because you’re all pulling together. What you need is an easy way to see the latest status – you all know where you’re going, you just need to make sure the latest deck went out or the meeting notes were logged.

Braid lives where you live

Braid lives in your email, so it’s always available where and when you need it. It’s not a task management tool, so you don’t have to fight to force the entire firm to adopt a new tool. Use it to keep yourself organized, or introduce it to your project team for close collaboration.

Marketing Firms

Get centered and get to work

It’s a hassle dealing with all the coordination that marketing firms have to do: client demands, media buying, creative agency wrangling, and everything else. Emails fly fast and furious and it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for, even with searching and the world’s greatest color coded Gmail labels. With Braid, just log the important emails in a project so that you and the rest of the team can always know where you stand and what comes next.

Client communication is a breeze

Marketing firms have to continually update their skills and areas of expertise: yesterday’s link building campaigns gave way to today’s social media management. But clients always demand to know what you’ve been driving lately. With Braid, you can log all your client communication in one single place, making it easier to demonstrate the progress you’ve made together.

PR Firms

Relationship management without the double entry

One of the worst parts of being in public relations is keeping your relationships with journalists and influencers separate from the inbound communications from your client and others at your firm. With Braid, you can organize your emails, meetings, and call notes by relationship or by client. You can even choose to do both if you wish!

Fight against email overload

Often, you’ll have waves of CCs and BCCs just so someone, somewhere can CYA. And of course that person didn’t log the work that she did. With Braid, all that information is easy to put in one place, without having to go back and double-enter all the work you already did just for tracking. Just log your weekly coverage reports, social media reports, and other wins in the project so that everyone can go back and see your wins anytime.


Organize your life

With a unique project for each client, you can make it easy to safely collaborate with each of your clients from a single place instead of having to switch between workspaces for every single client. Braid is person-centric, and not project-centric. We get you.

Communication is half the battle

Going back and forth with your client is half of what makes freelancing fun, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. With Braid, each side has the full history of the relationship, making it easier to focus on what's now and what's next.

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