Spend More Time Working On Your Real Job

March 3, 2019

“So what do you do?”

“I’m a senior account manager at a small marketing firm.”

“Cool, what does that mean?”

“It means I write the marketing plans for our clients and work with our internal teams to do the things in the plan.”

“Man, that sounds cool — and like a lot of work.”

“Well, the job isn’t so bad. It’s just all the administrative crap that takes up most of my time.”

You could substitute marketing manager for consultant or media buyer or product manager or even a freelancer. For a lot of us, we sure spend a lot of time at work doing things that aren’t in our job descriptions. We can be excited and engaged by our work, but no one likes filling out questionnaires, toggling with reviews, filing expense reports, or the myriad other things that we do so that we can do our jobs.

Thankfully, there are tools that make these better — Expensify helps with expense reports, BetterWorks makes the performance review process a thing of the past, Typeform makes surveying easier, and so forth. There are software vendors out there that really do want to make your job easier — not just stuff a checklist full of features for some report. The days of bad UX getting in the way of actually doing your job are going away.

But while it seems hard to get senior management on board to adopt new tools, it turns out that new business models make that not the case any more.

The best way to help get buy in for new tools at work isn’t to make a case — it turns out that the best way to get buy in is to just start using the tools you want.

One of the interesting things about the new B2B software movement is that B2B software teams can analyze which organizations are adopting SaaS software organically — and they will reach out to help sell senior management for you.

So, take a risk and try a new tool — even if it’s technically not allowed by IT. Your happiness is worth a temporary tut-tut. And if you pick well, then an army of backup will come in to help get that software approved, even over IT’s objections.


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