How to Take a Proper Vacation

March 20, 2019

As we get ready for the new year, many of us will be traveling for the holiday season.  Many of us will be traveling to see family and friends, some will go to vacation somewhere splendid, and a lucky few will get to do both.  But while we may be traveling far, our minds may get stuck at work.  But that’s not good!  The point of getting away is getting away from what is normal.

So here are some tips and recommendations to make sure that your work doesn’t follow you on your vacation:

First, delete your work email address, calendar, Slack, and everything else from your phone.  Everything will be urgent, but nothing is important.  But your habits won’t let you stop checking.  So instead of trying to introduce new rules and apply self-restraint that you don’t the other 50 weeks a year, make it impossible for you to keep checking in.  It’ll be easy enough to re-add your work email and stuff back to your phone when you get back into the office.

Second, if you take your work laptop on your travels (yeah, I know, I know, it’s only for emergencies), give it to someone else.  If you have to ask your mom to get your work laptop, you won’t ask her unless you have to.  If you’re traveling and staying at a hotel, ask the front desk staff to put it in their safe.  It’s easier to ensure that you’re only using your laptop for emergencies when it’s harder to get.

Third, try to do something out of the ordinary for you.  If you only take selfies with your phone, get a point-and-shoot and try to take more photos.  If you don’t journal, buy a new notebook and make it a habit for your trip.  Gratitude journals are particularly awesome, especially if you’re visiting family and seeing relatives you don’t talk to every week.  Send a postcard every day, or try to meditate 15 minutes every morning.  Just make a commitment to fill those extra minutes with something new and rewarding.

It’s important to relax and recharge when you travel – make sure that you come back home refreshed instead of exhausted.  You’ll feel better and you’ll do better work, to boot.


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