• Simple project management built inside of Gmail and Gcal

Braid helps you run your projects better.  

With Braid, it’s super easy to share or store your important project emails, events, and notes. There’s no extra apps or tabs because Braid lives in your Gmail and Google Calendar.

Create projects and add team members so everyone can add client deliverables, meeting notes, travel confirmations, and other info right from within their Gmail inboxes.

With Braid, everyone is up to date without having to use separate status tools or clunky project management software.

That means fewer emails, smoother projects, and happier clients because everything important is right in one place and nothing ever falls through the cracks.

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Magical integration with Gmail

Braid never gets in the way, but is always right where you want it – on your email messages, your calendar events, and in your inbox.

Working better, together

Only add the most important emails, events, and notes so that you’re in control and can get your team up to speed instantly without wading through piles of updates from lots of different apps.

Get to zero

Braid makes it easy to see all your unread updates in one place.  Or, if you’re in a  hurry, just clear out all of your notifications with two quick clicks.