Braid makes every day of your projects easier

Kickstart your Monday mornings

With Braid, it’s super easy to add emails, calendar events, and your own free form project notes and attachments to a project. This way, all the information about your projects is in one single place.  So it’s easier than ever to hit the ground running on Monday mornings.

Onboarding new project members is a breeze

With Braid, all you have to do is add new project members to a project. No more forwarding dozens of emails, provisioning folder share users, or long and boring ramp up meetings to get new team members up to speed. And, of course, you can remove members anytime.

Get prepped for your next client meeting

You can log any important email that comes in or goes out with just two clicks. That way, when you desperately need to figure out when you last sent the presentation to the client, you can find it with ease in your project feed.  With Braid, it’s easier than ever to update delieverables and know your history.

Easiest project retrospectives

Since Braid stores information in a news feed format, it’s super easy for everyone on a project to know exactly what went right and what went wrong on a project, as well as figure out just how and why that happened. You can pinpoint critical events with ease, and identify best practices for future projects easier than ever.

Event and process management

With Braid, you can store all your contracts and agreements in one place – with the context of the emails they came with. All you have to do is just log the important emails in your project. And if something comes in a different way, it’s super easy to add a note and attach what you need.

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