Braid helps you run your projects better.  

With Braid, you can simplify your work life.  Separate out the important from the unimportant and keep everyone on the same page with simple project news feeds.  Make it easy to onboard new project members and have a history of all the important project milestones in one single place.

Braid is great for trip planning, to do lists, project milestones, or whatever else you want you and your teammates to keep track of.  Use Braid for your own personal projects or to manage big, hairy long-running portfolios of projects – Braid works the way you think.

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Braid's project news feeds are pretty powerful. It's great for bigger consulting projects, managing project interviews, and sharing information with clients.
Adam Brown Manager, Monitor Deloitte
Nice and lightweight, a much nicer way for getting things done through email and calendar.
Andrew Lee Founder and CEO, Esper

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